About Hunter Women’s Health

Welcome to Hunter Women’s Health

Hunter Women’s Health is an independent medical practice that provides a specific focus on women’s health. Staffed exclusively by experienced female doctors, the practice prides itself on providing a friendly, caring and highly professional service for all women, regardless of age, culture, or religious belief.  Hunter Women’s Health are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every woman at every stage of life with dignity, compassion and respect.

Dr Carolyn Hackworthy and Dr Olga Ostrowskyj, Hunter Women's Health
Dr Carolyn Hackworthy and Dr Olga Ostrowskyj

Along with general medical concerns, there is a wide range of medical issues affecting women today, including those that impact on emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as physical health. Using a patient centred approach, Hunter Women’s Health takes the time to listen, and to consider the concerns, desires, needs, and lifestyle specific to the individual in order to provide the most suitable and effective health care possible.