Book launch of Menopause: Change, Choice and HRT

Menopause: Change, Choice & HRT Book

On Friday 1 August, the staff of Hunter Women’s Health were honoured to organise and host the book launch of Menopause: Change, Choice and HRT, at the University of Newcastle Art Gallery. This book is about empowering women with the knowledge to make health decisions around menopause that suit their needs and lifestyle.

It provides a comprehensive guide covering: Mental, physical and emotional effects of the menopausal transition, management of menopause, the case for and against hormone replacement therapy ( HRT) and alternative therapies, and choices available to women to treat the symptoms of menopause. This book is yet another addition to the authors’ staple of already published books.

Dr Barry Wren AM,MD, MBBS, MHP Ed., FRANZCOG, FROG – is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of NSW.

Dr Barry Wren
Dr Barry Wren, author of Menopause: Change, Choice & HRT, speaking about his book

He is a founding member of both the International Menopause Society and the Australasian Menopause Society. He is the author of numerous books for medical students and educational books for women. In 1997 he was awarded the Australian Menopause Society medal of distinction. The Australian government recognized his service to the health of women by awarding him Member of the Order of Australia.

Margaret Stephenson Meere BA BHSc (Nurs) RN RM, is a child and family health nurse practitioner. She is a qualified nurse/midwife. She studied Human Bioscience and History to complete her BA. She is the author of 2 books: Baby’s First 100 Days and The Child Within the Lotus.

Co author Margaret Stephenson Mere signing copies of the book
Co author Margaret Stephenson Meere signing copies of the book

Prior to the authors addressing the audience they were interviewed by Ashleigh Gleeson, the health reporter from the Newcastle Herald. The following day an article titled: Menopause expert calls for more HRT education appeared in the Newcastle Herald together with a photo of the 2 authors.

Dr Barry Wren surrounded by participants at the book launch
Dr Barry Wren surrounded by participants at the book launch

Both authors spoke at length covering symptoms of the menopausal transition, controversies surrounding HRT, the impact of the menopausal transition on cardiovascular, mental and   bone health and wellbeing. Dr Wren addressed the historical evolution of hormone therapy while Margaret was responsible for translating Dr Wren’s extensive medical knowledge and language into a language that the ordinary human being could understand. Opportunity was provided to the audience to question both authors and this continued over the book signing and afternoon tea provided by Sapphire Catering. The book is available to be purchased at the Co-op Bookshop at the University of Newcastle.

Again the competency of the authors style of writing is such that not only is it an up to date resource book for the medical professionals but also a book that has been written for women to explain the menopause and the influence of the ovary and its hormones on a women’s body and health.